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OUR fleet card . . . .

Assures your
   - increased volume
   - fuel margins
   - inside-store purchases
   - sustained loyalty

Without costly
   - discounting
   - credit card fees
   - staff additions
   - marketing programs

As, YOUR service area contains volume, localized fleet customers, such as
   - waste haulers
   - car dealers
   - medical transporters
   - pool cleaning services
   - landscaping services
   - timber haulers
   - schools
   - as well as many other categories

Securing their fuel business requires only that you ask for it. After all, you provide them with
   - single, unified bill
   - transaction-detail statement
   - anti-fraud controls
   - fleet management services

   - immediate (one-day) installation
   - on-site training
   - rapid account/card creation
   - dedicated processing engine
   - automated bill generation
   - flexible reporting for a complete, "turn-key" solution.

Your only investment
   - flat monthly processing fee (no transaction costs)
   - statement fee
   - account setup/card fee

You keep
   - receipt of payments
   - credit decision

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