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Your increased sales originate from continuous and repeat patronage from volume customers. Surveys confirm what our clients tell us - customers will spend more with you when paying by your card than by any other method, including national credit cards.

Your existing fleet customers value the account control, fuel and maintenance management, and fraud prevention that you provide with our system.
Plus, you can earn more customers because of the convenience, accountability and management information you own card can provide.

Our services are charged on a single, flat-fee per terminal. Forget complicated "processing" and "transaction" fees that eat into your profits and burden your accounting department. One small fee per terminal to call cover all processing - with a small fee for each card you issue and account we invoice.

In addition to our unique "flat fee" servicing, we keep it simple for you. We process all debit transactions, generate all reports, report all customer payments . . . all without time or effort by you or your locations.

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